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A2 Slips

Reconfiguration of the A2 slip roads has been identified as one of the key issues surrounding the local economy and regeneration of the Canterbury area. On/off slip roads at the Harbledown, Wincheap and Bridge junctions would lead to significant improvements in traffic flows in the city and reduce congestion.

The development of these slip roads would also help to achieve future developments such as the Little Barton Farm project.

Montgomery School

The prospect of £5,000,000 being invested by Central Government to transform Montgomery into an exciting new Academy is a real success for the district. In particular it is a success for C4B and the L.S.P. who have both lobbied hard for a substantial investment in Montgomery.

Academies are intended to be very innovative in every way, especially in their radical approach to improving standards and long term sustained educational achievement.

It is too early in the process to predict the format of the Academy or its expected completion date. However, sometime in 2009 is a realistic possibility.

The Project Managers to carry out the feasibility study will be appointed in the coming weeks and we should expect their report by February 2007. This will in effect be the blueprint for the Project.

The lead sponsors for this Project are two private companies, Crown Products from Herne Bay and Holiday Extras from Folkestone.

The sponsors are expected to provide both, direction and impetus for the project. They will work very closely with KCC and DfES to ensure the final outcome is a real credit to the whole district.

Both sponsor companies are committed to the concept that it will require the full involvement of the whole community and the full range of community agencies to work closely together to deliver a successful outcome. It is anticipated the Local Strategic Partnership will be able to play a significant part in co-ordinating this work.

This project has the potential to deliver far more than just a better education. It should be seen as the catalyst and the flagship for regeneration within the district.

C.T.R.L - Canterbury West Station

The project hopes to achieve the full potential and impact of a domestic CTRL by 2009. This would see enhanced services and facilities for Canterbury West rail users, an improved/regenerated gateway area to and from the City and District and improved investor confidence in localised commercial property market.

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East Kent Natural Park

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Hotel Development 4/5 star

This venture focuses on the development of premium and quality hotel facilities of 4 and 5 star levels. At current Canterbury does not meet the need of the tourist and businessman, through the development of such hotels Canterbury would be able to deliver a high standard of accommodation with excellent facilities.

Little Barton Farm

Little Barton Farm is located to the southeast of Canterbury. The project is to develop accommodation, which meets the needs of office based companies and provides grow-on space for High Tec and other businesses generated by the business link with the higher educational establishments in Canterbury.


The Kingsmead area is located on the north eastern edge of Canterbury within 5 minutes walking distance of the city boundary and 10 minute walking distance from the retail core. It comprises an area approximately 28.8 ha (71.2 acres) which has been designated as a regeneration zone.

Proposed uses for the regeneration area are housing, leisure use, community and cultural development, business coach parking and a hotel with conference facilities.

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Herne Bay Regeneration

Herne Bay has a great many assets and potential to develop a vibrant centre linking the park, town centre and seaside to create a place for families to visit, shop and play

  • A renewed town in which the quality and success of the seafront is extended into the town centre and Memorial Park
  • Well signposted. Safe, tree lined walking routes connecting the seafront, shops and Memorial Park
  • Bustling streets with a wide range of shops and spaces for cafes and shops to spill into the street
  • A series of town squares surrounded by shops with trees, outdoor spaces, street vendors and entertainers
  • A wealth of easily accessible, centrally located community and recreational facilities

The regeneration area takes in the seafront from Lane End to The Kings Hall at Beacon Hill, The Town Centre and Memorial Park.

Key products currently being considered:

  • The re-location of the Sports Hall from the pier
  • The re-location of the Bus Station in the High Street
  • To re-develop and expand the existing Morrisons supermarket
  • Re-develop Memorial Park

Wraik Hill Office Development

Wraik Hill has been identified as an area for developing quality office nodes. The development is currently in phase 2.

Whitstable Harbour

The future project looks at the potential development of the existing harbour. There is potential for a host of leisure, housing and business development. The harbour is currently home to an aggregates importer a small fish market and fish restaurant.


The Wincheap area has been identified within the Canterbury City Council local plan as a Regeneration Zone, which has significant potential to improve the quality of life, built environment and economic prospects for Wincheap's residents and employment base.

Traffic build up in Wincheap along the A28 causes environmental and quality of life issues for residents and presents major access problems to one of the main entrances of the City.

The Wincheap estate was originally built in the 1970's as an industrial estate, which over time has been adapted to incorporate a large proportion of retail premises. The economic return from the estate is no longer comparable to more modern estates of the same size and complexity, as the premises are no longer suitable for the modern day trading environment.

The improvement of the estate should incorporate a traffic management system to alleviate the traffic congestion problems on the A28.

The delivery of this project is one of CCC's key corporate objectives.

It is the intention of the council to seek a development partner to redevelop the Wincheap estate. A potential development partner will be guided by the following objectives for the Estate.

  1. The council will encourage expressions of interest, based on a preference for a mixed-use scheme, taking account of existing retail capacity and in accordance with Local Plan Policy TC13
  2. The Council is seeking major highway improvements which provide a new highway route through the Wincheap Estate to;
    - Reduce congestion along the existing A28
    - Improve the environment along the existing A28
    - Facilitate the redevelopment of the Wincheap Estate
    - Provide a new gateway into Canterbury City Centre
  3. The council is seeking to provide a modern built environment commensurate with the type and quality associated with excellent urban design
  4. The council will use reasonable endeavours to retain or relocate (if appropriate) the businesses located on the estate
  5. That the council would grant a long lease (circa 100-150years) to a development partner and would relinquish the day-to-day management of the estate
  6. That the council would seek to retain its freehold interest on the estate and seek to maintain or enhance its existing income.

Blacksole Farm Commercial Development 15 hectares

Blacksole Farm with 15 hectares of available land occupies a prominent position on the north side of the new A299 Thanet Way, Herne Bay

This green-field site represents a premier business opportunity for expanding local businesses or relocating companies that are seeking a high profile, greatly accessible and well-positioned location. It represents an ideal site for the development of a high quality business park in a sustainable location. The site has important investment and regeneration potential in the coastal planning area and is anticipated to generate over 500 jobs.

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Stour/broad oak pipe line

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Broad Oak Reservoir

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