Canterbury 4 Business

1. Terms Of Reference

Canterbury4Business is a joint public/private body chaired by a representative from the private sector. The Partnership exists to promote the sustainable economic development of the Canterbury district and provide a collective voice for the area's business community, within the context of East Kent and the wider region. As such, it has adopted the following terms of reference:


"A district that is recognised as an excellent place for living, working, learning, visiting, and investing in, with a thriving economy and attractive environment that encourages sustainable business growth and provides a range of employment and training opportunities for local people."


To enhance Canterbury district's position as a significant sub-regional economy by:

  • Partnership
  • Working in partnership to develop a shared vision for the local economy and ensure the implementation of a district Local Economy Strategy.
  • Leadership
  • Influencing the development of sustainable policies and activities that reflect the needs of business and the district's economy for the benefit of the whole community.
  • Voice
  • Providing a coherent voice for the district's collective economic interests at a local, East Kent, county, regional, national and international level.
  • Co-ordination
  • Ensuring economic development projects, funding bids and promotional activities are coordinated across the district and East Kent to maximise the benefit for the local area.


4.1 The Partnership will:

  • Bring together businesses, business support organisations and the public sector to exchange views and agree mechanisms, or support the actions of others, in addressing the issues facing the Canterbury district economy
  • Take collective action to enable business to influence public sector agendas and strategies
  • Undertake focused activities in a small number of chosen areas significant to the district's economy
  • Encourage the district's business to adopt a corporate social responsibility strategy
  • Disseminate information on local economic policy issues

4.2 Partners will:

  • Adopt the partnership's constitution
  • Promote the partnership through their day-to-day work and that of their organisations
  • Show a willingness to share information about their organisation's strategy, targets and performance in so far as it helps towards implementing the partnership's economic strategy for the district
  • Declare what their organisation is willing to contribute to the partnership in order that it can fulfill its role and implement the economic strategy
  • Be open about what they and their organisation are wishing to gain from the partnership and declare any pecuniary or non-pecuniary interest in specific projects or activities
  • Take collective responsibility for supporting the administration of the partnership

4.3 All matters undertaken directly by the Partnership will be attributed to Canterbury4Business including:

  • Canterbury District Local Economy & Tourism Strategy
  • Website, press releases, communications and published literature
  • Strategic projects and services derived through the Partnership Meetings
  • Projects emerging from the project groups
  • Events
  • Other activities related to the role of the Partnership

4.4 Credit for specific services, projects and activities relating to the implementation of the Canterbury District Local Economy Strategy will be given to the organisations involved.


Canterbury4Business will consist of a Partnership Board supported by a number of project groups.

5.1 Membership of the Partnership Board

The Partnership Board will be restricted to the following partners, although it reserves the right to co-opt others as and when required. However, at no time should the number of partners from the public sector outnumber those from the private sector.

5.2 Organisational Representation

  • Voting partners:
  • Barretts of Canterbury
  • Business Link Kent
  • Canterbury City Council
  • Canterbury Christ Church University
  • Canterbury City Partnership
  • Canterbury College
  • Crown Products (Kent) Ltd
  • GW Associates
  • GW Finn & Sons
  • Herne Bay Town Partners
  • Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce
  • Kent Works
  • Lenleys
  • Reeves & Neylan
  • University of Kent at Canterbury
  • Voluntary Sector
  • Whitstable Chamber of Commerce
  • Representatives:
  • Paul Barrett
  • Janice Sandwell
  • Colin Carmichael/Dawn Hudd
  • Jan Druker
  • Adam Bateman
  • Mark Hill
  • Michael Head
  • George Wilson
  • Jim Pace
  • Mark Isom
  • Peter Hawkes
  • Jan Thornby/Amy Austin
  • Jonathan Watts
  • Clive Relf
  • Denise Everitt
  • Eileen Hargreaves
  • Mark Woolard
  • Organisational members of the Partnership Board commit themselves to being represented at the most senior managerial level. Attendance of substitutes in place of representatives should be kept to a minimum and should, whenever possible, be agreed with the Chair prior to the meeting taking place.
  • If the representative's organisation chooses to withdraw from Canterbury4Business altogether the Partnership Board can choose to find a replacement partner organisation.
  • Upon election to the board, private sector members commit to a three-year term of office. This does not preclude the board member from standing for re-election at the end of this period.
  • Representatives can stand down from Canterbury4Business at any time.
  • All board members commit to attending all meetings where possible. Non attendance at three consecutive meetings may result in the board member being asked to stand down.
  • All board members will act as Canterbury4Business ambassadors.

5.3 Project groups

The Partnership Board will establish project groups as and when appropriate. A key role for all project groups will be encouraging wider involvement in Canterbury4Business and its activities by associate organisations. However, each project group will be set up with a specific focus and clear terms of reference. Project groups can be issue-based, sector-based or area-based as necessary. A board member must chair each project group and will be supported by a Local Economy team officer. Project groups will report regularly, and at least once annually, to the Partnership Board.


6.1 Chairing of meetings

Canterbury4Business will elect the Chair of Canterbury4Business. A Vice-Chair may also be elected. The Chair and Vice-Chair will be appointed for a maximum three-year term. This does not preclude the Chair from standing for re-election at the end of this term.

6.2 Voting

Each partner organisation will have a single vote and decisions will be made on a show of hands.

6.3 Quorum

At least 30% of board members must be present in order for the meeting to proceed. Of these at least 2 should be from the private sector. If the Chair is not present the Vice-Chair will run the meeting. If a Vice-Chair has not been appointed the partners will choose a Chair for the meeting, from those present.

6.4 Frequency of meetings

The Partnership Board will meet at least six times a year. Individual project groups will determine how frequently they meet.

6.5 Administrative Support

Canterbury City Council will provide administrative support to Canterbury4business Board. This arrangement will be reviewed on an annual basis.


It is expected that all members will support Canterbury4Business by committing time to meetings and specific initiatives. In addition, partner organisations will be encouraged to align their resources to support the vision and aims of the Canterbury District Local Economy & Tourism Strategy.

Any bids for external resources made on behalf of Canterbury4Business will be submitted and, if secured, managed by a partner organisation, as Canterbury4Business currently has no legal standing. The administration of any external resources must be clear and accountable.

Canterbury City Council will set aside a proportion of its economic development budget to support meetings, projects, events and activities agreed by Canterbury4Business. This arrangement will be reviewed on an annual basis, subject to the Council's budget allocation. The Council retains the right to veto the use of its budget for any projects or activities that might be agreed by Canterbury4Business but are in conflict with the Council's duties, responsibilities and policies.


8.1 Canterbury District Partnership

The Chair of the Canterbury4Business (or an agreed substitute) will sit on the Canterbury District Partnership (CDP). The activities and progress of Canterbury4Business will be reported to the CDP on a regular basis, and at least annually. The CDP can request that Canterbury4Business consider and respond to certain issues or undertake certain activities on behalf of CDP. It is for the Chair of Canterbury4Business to decide whether to agree immediately to any request from the CDP or whether to take it back to a Partnership Board meeting for consideration.

8.2 East Kent Local Strategic Partnership (EKLSP)

The Canterbury4Business will be regularly informed of the plans and activities of the EKLSP. It is expected that Canterbury4Business will represent the views of the Canterbury district business community to the EKLSP as and when appropriate. Canterbury4Business may also choose to work with the EKLSP on joint initiatives or to secure additional resources for the area.


  • 9.1 Canterbury4Business Board will review its terms of reference on an annual basis. The terms of reference can be amended at anytime subject to the agreement of the Partnership Board.
  • 9.2 Canterbury4Business can be terminated at any time with the agreement of the Partnership Board. Should Canterbury4Business be terminated the ongoing responsibility for any activities or related assets will be agreed before dissolution.

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