Canterbury 4 Business

Our Charter

Our Charter

1. The Vision

Through focussed, well-planned and environmentally sustainable growth, by 2030 the Canterbury district will be defined by a dynamic strong economy and distinctive cultural and visitor experience from which our communities will prosper.

2. C4B's Mission Statement

To promote and actively develop the interests and prosperity of all the people of Canterbury, Whitstable, Herne Bay and surrounding districts (the Canterbury district) through enhanced business opportunity and activity, in partnership with regional, local and county government, educational institutions and business interests.

3. How

This will be achieved by:

  • Providing an apolitical voice to local government at City and County level promoting the benefits of business in the Canterbury District.
  • Providing an apolitical voice to local government at City and County level promoting the benefits of business in the Canterbury District.
  • Having as its aim the increased prosperity to the area to help improve the quality of life and standard of living for the residents - present and future.
  • Providing a forum in which business interests can be raised and assessed with a view to benefiting the whole area and its population.
  • Working in partnership with educational establishments and facilitate ongoing communication between business and local education providers from primary schools through to Higher Education in order to ensure the local skills base will support appropriate growth.
  • Working to secure finance or funding for projects that benefit both business and the community.
  • Raising important issues with regional and local government with regard to transport and infrastructure and help these bodies achieve common objectives.
  • Encouraging local businesses to adopt Corporate Social Responsibility policies.
  • Promoting sustainable business practices and environmental leadership.

4. Principles

C4B acts in the interest of the greater community, not any one organisation, business or group of business interests.  The Board of C4B decides how the Partnership will pursue its aims. 

4.1 The Board members consist of senior representatives of:

  • Large and small business
  • The City Council
  • Business Support organisations
  • Education and Training Providers
  • Voluntary Organisations.

4.2 Main areas of interest:

  • The Future of the district
  • A strong local economy
  • Enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • Employment and training opportunities for local people.

4.3 Subgroups:

  • Major Projects - identifies the major issues/projects, which restrict the long-term sustainability/growth of the districts economy and the organisations who are able to influence the process of delivering these projects; and takes appropriate action to ensure a co-coordinated approach is adopted to deliver the projects.  The board will fulfil this role convening working project groups as and when required.
  • Economy & Enterprise - identifies issues and opportunities that may affect the prosperity of the business community, its employment levels and the growth of enterprise and sustainability within the Canterbury area.  The group works with partners to create and develop action plans and projects that will support and grow the local economy; helps identify and lobby for funding for projects and encourages employment growth by creating a culture of entrepreneurship, new enterprise start-up, and long-term business survival.
  • Education and skills - works to promote, facilitate and support interaction between education providers and the business world by promoting a culture of Life Long Learning; ensuring that local businesses know what local education providers can offer, and that local education providers know what support local businesses want; and by supporting education providers in their enterprise agendas, which include student placements, knowledge transfer partnerships and business training programmes.
  • Environment - provides associates with access to guidance on environmental issues likely to impact on their business including signposting to existing sources of help and information and illustrating the potential advantages to be gained by making businesses "environmentally responsible.  The group also provides case studies on local businesses and sample policies; facilitating two-way communication with the Council regarding business-related environmental initiatives; and generally raising awareness about environmental issues within the Canterbury District

The Board is apolitical and decisions are taken on a majority of vote with the Chair of the C4B Board having the casting vote.  All of the Board Members give their time for free.

5. Associate Membership

Associate members of C4B agree to:

  • Support the broad aims, objectives and principles of C4B.
  • Agree the principle that it is to the benefit of the whole community to have a successful, prosperous and growing business community in the Canterbury District.
  • Agree to respond to C4B requests for information and views, and, if appropriate, be prepared to make those views public.
  • Support local educational institutions in the placing of students for work related opportunities wherever possible.
  • Attend events whenever possible which either promote C4B or that C4B supports.
  • Contribute knowledge and skills to C4B initiatives when appropriate.
  • Agree to receive all C4B communications electronically where possible.

Updated March 2009

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