Canterbury 4 Business

C4B Vision 4 Canterbury

This map shows that the future of the Canterbury district is one full of potential growth. C4B sees the planned projects and developments for business, education, the arts, transportation and the community as connected and interlinked, creating a whole new environment for economic prosperity and wellbeing for all who live and work in the district.

C4B's aim over the next six years is to focus its efforts on encouraging all involved bodies to work together to make the vision a reality for 2012

Canterbury Map

Scheduled Completion Dates

 Projects Responsible Organisation Value Opening Date
1 Herne Bay Wind Turbines 90 megawatts Elsam £100 million Completed 2005
2 Herne Bay Regeneration - Coastal KCC/Developer £50 million Sunday 29th July 2012
3 Herne Bay Regeneration - Town CCC £10 million Friday 14th May 2010
4 Whistable Harbour CCC/Developer   Saturday 7th August 2010
5 Blacksole Farm Commercial Development - 15 hectares Developer £30 million Wednesday 20th July 2011
6 East Kent Natural Park E.K.P £15 million Saturday 20th June 2009
7 New Reservoir & Pumping Station At Ford near Herne Bay Mid Kent Water £6 million Completed 2005
8 New Thanet Way KCC £100 million Completed 2001
9 Wraik Hill Office Development Developer £32 million Thursday 17th June 2010
10 East Kent Natural Park E.K.P £15 million Saturday 20th June 2009
11 Hersden Community Regeneration CCC/KCC/PCT   on-going
12 Lakeside International 40acre business park SEEDA/developers £1.85 m SEEDA £30m priv sector 60% occupied
13 Montgomery School KCC £5 million Wednesday 3rd April 2008
14 Broad Oak Reservoir Mid Kent Water   Future
15 East Kent Natural Park E.K.P £15 million Saturday 20th June 2009
16 Stour - Broad Oak Pipe Line Southern Water   Future
17 University of Kent Innovation Centre UKC/SEEDA £5 million Friday 8th May 2009
18 C.T.R.L. - Canterbury West Station CCC/Railways £10 - 15 million Monday 20th April 2009
19 Surestart Project - Northgate Ward Surestart/CCC £1 million 20th March 2006
20 Kingsmead CCC/Developer   Wednesday 28th April 2010
21 Beaney Institute CCC £9.5 million Saturday 24th July 2008
22 Marlowe Theatre CCC £25 million Thursday 24th Sept 2009
23 Park & Ride No.4 CCC £4 million Thursday 12th March 2009
24 A2 Slip Roads - number one KCC £10 million Friday 25th April 2008
25 A2 Slip Roads - number two KCC £6 million Tuesday 21st Oct 2008
26 Tannery Housing Bellway   May 2008
27 Wincheap CCC/Developer £80 - 100 million Tuesday 19th April 2011
28 Whitefriars Land Security/CCC £100 million Completed 2005
29 Canterbury College Canterbury College £47 million Wednesday 19th March 2008
30 Hotel Development 4/5 star Developer £5 million Saturday 8th August 2009
31 Last of Six Specialist Schools Schools/KCC £3 million Wednesday 5th Sept 2007
32 Little Barton Farm CCC/KCC/Developer   Monday 15th March 2010
33 A2 Slip Roads - numbers five & six KCC £10 million Friday 21st Oct 2011
34 Petham Village Hall Petham £750 thousand Completed 2005
  A2 Slip Roads - numbers three & four KCC £10 million Friday 23rd Oct 2009

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