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Dear associates and business owners

Welcome to the September issue of C4B's newsletter, which highlights some of some of the new initiatives and opportunities for businesses in the district this autumn. If you're interested in joining C4B as an associate, or would like to get involved with any of the C4B project groups (see the Project Group Roundup further down the page) please visit www.canterbury4business.co.uk to find out more.

Paul Barrett Chairman C4B

In this update:

  • Fair opportunity for city retailers
  • Whit card is a hit
  • Help spread the word
  • Free support to trade in Europe
  • Click to get fit
  • Project group roundup
paul barrett

Paul Barrett's business comment

After the long summer break, September brings news of interesting opportunities and initiatives for businesses in the district. The Eurofair comes to town at the end of the month, giving city centre retailers an opportunity to capitalise on the anticipated surge in visitor numbers; the city council is offering free support to businesses thinking about expanding into Europe; and the WHIT card scheme continues to boost trade for local companies in Whitstable.

Fair opportunity for city retailers

food fair

This year's annual Canterbury EuroFair takes place in Dane John Gardens from Friday 25 September to Sunday 27 September. This major event not only attracts large number of visitors but also offers the city's retailers a unique trading opportunity. Read more....

Help spread the word

By forwarding this and future C4B e-newsletters on to your business contacts, you will be contributing towards the future success of your own business and others in the Canterbury area. Find out why...

WHIT Card is a hit

a whit loyalty card

The WHIT card loyalty scheme, which encourages residents and visitors to use local businesses in Whitstable, is proving to be a huge success with everyone involved. Read more...

Free support to help you trade in Europe

If you run an SME and are interested in doing business in northern France and western Belgium but are not sure where to start and/or need help with language issues, the city council can offer you free support and advice. Read more...

click to get the workforce fit

Click to get your workforce fit

Sickness absence is a major business issue, affecting productivity, service delivery and morale. With swine flu looming, any way of encouraging your workforce to get fit and stay fit makes sound business sense. The Active Canterbury website has lots of information about how to get active in the district. Read more...

Project Group Roundup

Environment Group

Green travel review

The Environment Group is currently reviewing green travel strategies that encourage more business people to walk, use public transport, bicycle or car share for their travel to work or other journeys. The review involves investigating measures such as pool cars, car clubs, car sharing, cycling, and parking management. Read more...

Education & Skills Group

Graduate placement support update

The 'Business First' initiative, which aims to support businesses by offering them access to graduate-level expertise delivered through project-based graduate placements, now has twenty-nine graduates trained and work-ready. Read more...

Enterprise Group

Demand for free skilled workers

Twenty businesses have already expressed an interest in acquiring a skilled worker to boost their workforce for (almost) nothing via the Learndirect volunteer scheme, according to organiser, Ken Baughan. Read more...

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