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Green pledges

Following C4B's extremely successful Business4theEnvironment conference in April 2008, 76 green pledges were made by 34 local businesses and organisations, and a further 19 personal pledges were also received.

Top 10 Pledges

Getting the Environment on the Agenda

  • To identify and appoint an "Environment Champion "within our business in the next 30 days"
  • To include the environment within the agendas of our regular business meetings to help identify improvements and to plan solutions

Energy and Water

  • To create a plan to reduce electricity consumption and evaluate renewable power within the same timescale

Recycling and Waste

  • To only buy recyclable office paper from now on
  • To identify with staff, three wasteful areas of our business within the next three weeks and make a plan to improve waste management and recycling practices


  • To use or sell 2 Fairtrade products (e.g. tea, coffee) within one month


  • To review our transport policy and look to reduce company cars, increase use of renewable fuel and encourage management and staff to car share, to use public transport and to walk or cycle to work

Customers and Community

  • To make it easier for customers to make 'green' choices and to reduce their carbon footprint (e.g. introduce 'carbon labelling')

Energy and Water

  • To "adopt a hippo" in our toilets (to reduce water) within one month. To ensure taps are turned off properly and plumbing checked regularly for leaks etc.


  • To start using biodegradable cleaning materials

Interesting pledge highlights

  • Two companies to switch to eco-tricity
  • Three firms signed up to all pledges
  • One is introducing cycle to work scheme
  • One is seeking to achieve ISO14001 status
  • One will seek to reduce carbon emissions by 20% with the next phase of their construction project.
  • Some firms/organisations are encouraging staff to use greener forms of transport but acknowledge this will take many months to make some progress.

Pledges from Canterbury City Council

  • New Environment Policy by end of 2008
  • £325,000 capital investment in energy efficiency by April 2010

Examples of pledges made by individual businesses in the Canterbury District


  • Staff Reward scheme offering Whitefriars vouchers for any (practical) idea to make the scheme more energy efficient, reduce waste etc.
  • Coat hanger recycling - 7000+ hangers recycled since May 5, 2008

John Shirley

  • Currently ripping out the oil-burning boilers from its office block to be replaced by wood pellet burners saving 7k a year in the company's estimation. Also staff only use public transport and bicycles.

Furley Page

  • Representatives have attended a training course run by Business Link on setting up an Environmental Management System. The firm is now working on an Action Plan, starting with writing a comprehensive and documented Environmental Policy by the end of September 2008, and which includes establishing a focus group made up of staff members (Departmental Champions) by November 2008. The firm expects to identify and action environmental issues, eg energy savings, with the focus group, and hold scheduled reviews.


  • The company aims to fulfil all C4B's proposed pledges from the conference and has ISO14000 in its sights.
  • ADM also has a green police team that meets every Friday. It is working on a 12 week plan. The company has removed 80% of its landfill bins and now has four recycling collection areas. It has already organised a waste management week and is planning an energy efficiency week.
  • The company is about to receive delivery of a electric bicycle which will be used by engineers travelling to jobs in Canterbury, therefore saving fuel and hopefully helping to reduce traffic on ring road. ADM is also looking to change all the light fittings in the building for energy efficient lights. Hippo bags have been installed and a compost bin has been purchased for grass cuttings etc. Customers have been asked if they will accept statements and invoices by email. Duplex printers have been bought and all single sided documents are reused by the company's accounts department for printing internal reports.

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